The Human Resources function is typically responsible for the overall management of the new employee orientation process. The orientation process begins before a new employee’s first day and continues typically for the first two months. The following checklist outlines the responsibilities involved:


Recruiting Kit:

Deliver the following reading material to the prospective employee along with the letter of offer:

  • Company Code of Conduct (including confirmation slip to be signed by employee)
  • Benefit Summary
  • Summary of Career Paths
  • Standard marketing information (for business unit)
  • General Information Form (contact and family information, etc.)
  • Personal Tax Forms
  • Payroll Direct Deposit Form
  • New employee or change of bank account form
  • Medical and dental enrolment forms
  • Employment equity statement and form
  • Application for Security Clearance
  • Business Card order form
  • Nameplate order form
  • Confidentiality instructions (e.g., for locking material away, guarding conversations in elevators and rest rooms, etc.)
  • Application for a business credit card and a calling card (if the employee will be travelling a lot)

Prepare the following New Hire Welcome Kit ready for first day arrival:

  • Welcome letter
  • Employee training plan
  • Group Retirement Savings Plan booklet and form
  • Group insurance plan information
  • Employee membership programs and forms (e.g., Employee PC purchase plan form, cellular phones, etc.)
  • Latest employee newsletters (also refer to website/LAN)
  • Employee handbook
  • Employee phone list
  • Contact information (who to contact for the various office support services)
  • Quality policy
  • Internet policy
  • Promotional material

Before the New Employee Arrives (1-2 weeks if possible):

Enter employee’s general information into the company’s human resources database (after receipt of offer).

Advise the following people of the new employee’s start date:

  • Project Manager
  • Facilities Support
  • Technical Support

Review and complete all forms sent to employee, and action items as appropriate (e.g., order nameplate).

Review and complete Payroll Advice Form (if completed).

Register employee for New Employee Orientation Session.

Prepare Orientation Invitation and deliver to Project Manager (for distribution to new employee).

Announce new arrival in the company employee newsletter.

On the First Day:

Create Human Resources file for employee.

Provide employee with employee identification number.

Provide New Employee Welcome Kit (as above).

Review organization charts and where employee fits in.

Identify the primary company and project communications vehicles (e.g., company and local newsletters, phone information lines, Intranet sites, lunch and learn sessions).

Review schedule of upcoming social and educational events.

Review most frequently asked questions:

  • Vacation accrual
  • Pay schedule
  • Payroll deductions
  • Statutory holidays
  • Employee problem process
  • Dress code
  • Relocation practices (if applicable)
  • Immigration (if applicable)
  • Opportunities (internal, travel)
  • Other

Review travel information (if applicable):

  • Business credit card information
  • Travel Handbook/Directory
  • Travel profile form
  • Company car rental information
  • Company preferred hotel information
  • Passport/visa information
  • Travel and expense claims procedure

Provide/review Employee Orientation – Employee Checklist and outline orientation activities.

During the First Week:

Complete any orientation activities not completed on the first day.

During the First Month:

Contact new employee to determine what orientation information is missing and to provide that information as appropriate.

In conjunction with Project Manager/Team Leader, assist new employee to identify job related (project specific) training and development requirements.

At the End of the Second Month:

Distribute Employee Orientation – Evaluation Checklist to new employee and have the completed evaluation returned to Human Resources.


Conduct attrition analysis for new employees hired in the past year.

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